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Agnieszka, Theo, Louis, Azaz, Alex


As a group, we gathered that:

- Central station deco-design was using similar colours to MTR connection lines, which was confusing when trying to find a route to a desired platform.
- Central station's interactive map screen was difficult to use and make sense out of where to go, the screen had lots of various types of buttons and graphics confusing for a first time user.
- Various types of transportation to choose from: MTRs, buses, trains, boats, taxis, trams. All of these seem to be on time, providing an easy way of getting from A to B efficiently and with no trouble.
- With one card (Octopus) it is possible to pay for all of the above public transportation (not taxis) in a matter of a tap. The card can be topped up.
- When entering MTRs, there are barriers where the card must be scanned to enter through. On the way out, a little screen at the barriers displays how much the journey costed. 
- At MTRs, there are machines that allow to check the balance on cards.
- There was a lack of clear signage around the MTR, when finding the station we struggled to find out where each platform was. It seemed like as we got closer to it there was less indication of where it actually was.
- At crossings, when the light for pedestrians is red there are regular beeps, which speed up when the light turn green.
- Dolphins are at a high risk of extinction around Hong Kong (HK) due to overuse of speedboats. We could investigate the causes and reasons for domestic and commercial travel via speed-boat to and from HK island, subsequently to find out whether the opening of the new Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge will reduce this travel need, freeing up speedboat usage and allowing a safer, more ecological transportation route.
- While 62% of Hong Kong citizens want more of a sharing economy, 70% felt that the government are not open to it [1].  One example of a sharing system in Hong Kong is the bike sharing operator

Our Focus

Following from the last bullet-point in the previous post, we decided to investigate Gobee's usage by hiring bikes ourselves and watching others do the same, and evaluate their ease of use, and other factors such as vandalism that can affect the effectiveness of such sharing systems. Bike.jpg

The organiser of one group, museum director Zhuang Ji said:

“new cities” spawned in the past decade as a result of China’s rapid urbanisation were more affected by the shared bike plague because their city planners had only designed road networks for the benefit of car drivers. - SCMP [2]