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History research at Mshed


Ethnographic research

Observations from ethnographic research

Millennium square • Evidence of installations already there, water installation, solar system observer, solar tree phone charger, and large TV and sound system, there is a potential for an installation to be developed there, other attempts have been made • At the time we were there, there was very little interaction with the systems, people were either passing through or stopping briefly, little evidence for an installation to work well • We can question how successful an installation would be there based off no one was interacting with the current installations, and everyone there seemed to be in a rush, also evidenced by the fact that a lot of people were too busy to be interviewed • Busier in the evening, lots of bars/clubs/restaurants in the local vicinity, automatic lighting Queens Square • No installations, heavy focus on the environment and the setting rather than installations and anything taking attention away from the environment • A lot of people were sitting in small groups, enjoying the peaceful setting in the middle of the city • Lots of middle class, professional people, predominantly eating lunch, busiest time in the day • Relatively busy at that time of day, apparent to the time of day we visited queens square Castle park • Big groups, people enjoying nature • Quite a young vibe to the park, lots of students and young professionals • Lots of different ethnic groups, very multicultural • No installations although there is an emphasis on the history of the church that resides in castle park, people were more concerned by the surrounding rather than the history of the park


Findings and ideation


Ethnographic research (360 video)