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=Interacting with History=
=Interacting with History=
== People, places and information sharing in contexts==
== People, places and information sharing in contexts==

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Interacting with History

People, places and information sharing in contexts

==Assignment Overview In groups of four you will conduct design based research on interactive systems and educational tools that could be used to engage specific audiences with information about the recent history (1950-2018) of some aspect of Bristol. This includes the people and events related to the city and the physical city itself. You will then develop an interactive installation based on your chosen aspect of Bristol’s history to engage a specific audience at a museum, public space or other specific context in Bristol (such as M-Shed, We The Curious, Bristol Museum, Millennium Square etc,). In order to do this, you will carry out the following activities:

  • Activity 1 – Conduct design based research.
  • Activity 2 – Create a design brief and present it.
  • Activity 3 – Prototype a design solution, document it and present it
  • Activity 4 – Document your project using a group blog.


ID 2018 Group 1 (detective squirrel) Natasha Ball. Izzy Keller. Aimee Holdsworth. Catrina Liddell

ID 2018 Group 2 James Rees, Lana Elworthy, James Ray-Jeffers, Ben Wreford

ID 2018 Group 3 Harry Kessell, Mattie Carter, Josh Slater, Lukasz Smolinski

ID 2018 Group 4 Dominykas Barsauskas, Sofia Ferraro, Daniel Bate, Sam Speakman, Milen Minchev

ID 2018 Group 5 Ryan Avery, Alan Long, Saara Rautiainen, Ben Cairncross

ID 2018 Group 6 Brandon Sinclair, Dingcheng Huang, Bilal Alyas, Maria Eracleous, William Ofei

ID 2018 Group 7 (Lucky Llama) Cristiano Almeida, Hamse Hussein, Kelly Copas, Theng Yen Chen

ID 2018 Group 8 (The Bears) Nikki Pantony, Teodora Muresan, Sintija Linuza, Kezia Davies

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