Interaction Design 18-19

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Develop an interactive installation on some aspect of recent Bristol History (1950-2018). Engage a specific audience at museum or public space in bristol. Develop the idea using design led research


Group 1 (detective squirrel) Natasha Ball. Izzy Keller. Aimee Holdsworth. Catrina Liddell

Group 2 James Rees, Lana Elworthy, James Ray-Jeffers, Ben Wreford

Group 3 Harry Kessell, Mattie Carter, Josh Slater, Lukasz Smolinski

Group 4 Dominykas Barsauskas, Sofia Ferraro, Daniel Bate, Sam Speakman, Milen Minchev

Group 5 Ryan Avery, Alan Long, Saara Rautiainen, Ben Cairncross

Group 6 Brandon Sinclair, Dingcheng Huang, Bilal Alyas, Maria Eracleous

Group 7 (Lucky Llama) Cristiano Almeida, Hamse Hussein, Kelly Copas, Theng Yen Chen

ID 2018 Group 8

reading material