Interaction Design 19-20

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Interacting with History

People, places and information. Interaction in context

Final Submission: Blackboard. November 28th |13:59

In groups of four or five you will conduct thematic and design based research on interactive systems and educational tools that could be used to engage specific audiences with information about the history of some aspect of Bristol*.

This includes the people and events related to the city and the physical city itself.

You will then develop a lo-fi / mid-fi prototype for an interactive installation based on your chosen aspect of Bristol’s history to engage a specific audience at a museum, public space or other specific context in Bristol (such as M-Shed, We The Curious, Bristol Museum, Millennium Square, etc). In order to do this, you will carry out the following activities:

• Conduct thematic and design based research. • Create a design brief and present it. • Prototype a design solution, document it with a graphic display • Document your project using a group blog.

Your lo-fi / mid-fi prototype will communicate the key aspects of your interactive installation, rather than be a polished and finished prototype. You will decide on the most appropriate form your prototype should take (3D model, physical model, 2D graphics / mock up).


GROUP 1 Quincey Lawrence-Bernard, Finlay McBride, Owain Morgan, Megan Robson, Ilektra Liveri Group 1

GROUP 2 Toni Sharland, Harry Nicholas, Azaan Naseer, Connor Shearn Group 2

GROUP 3 Saravanan Pandian, Casey Davis, Kai Qi Young, Africa Montis-Ngomo Group 3

GROUP 4 Ivelina Kosmova, Kieran Farrer, Cern Bladen-Day, Sebastian Gencay Group 4

GROUP 5 Jack Godwin, Michael Burridge, Jacob Hayes, Ben Spear, Ryan Dawkes Group 5

GROUP 6 Corey Newell, Abby White, Sean Cavangh, Joshua Serpis Group 6