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List of project links



  • Machine Wilderness [5]
  • Barcelona Smart City [6]
  • DroneSeed [7]
  • Ambulance journey times [8]
  • Leak detection [9]
  • Technology for nature [10]
  • Robobirds [11]
  • Pavegen [12]

Citizen Science

  • Dustbox [13]
  • Indigenous Resources App [14]
  • Frackbox [15]
  • Penguin Watch 2.0 [16]
  • Temperature alarm [17]
  • Public Lab [18] & Citizen science in a refugee camp [19]

Smart textiles


“A new and distinctive variety of capitalism is currently taking form on the African continent. States


Mc Ewen, A., Cassimally, K. (2014) Designing the Internet of Things. John Wiley and Sons, Ltd.


Flüchter, K., Wortmann, F. (2014) Implementing the connected e-bike: challenges and requirements of an IoT application for urban transportation [26]


Kim et al. (2014) Enhancing Public Transit Accessibility for the Visually Impaired Using IoT and Open Data Infrastructures [27]

IoT design

Jetter et al. (2014) Suspicious Boxes and Friendly Aliens: Exploring the Physical Design of Urban Sensing Technology [28]

Gaver et al. (2008). Threshold devices: looking out from the home [29]


  • Truong et al. (2006) Storyboarding: an empirical determination of best practices and effective guidelines [30]

Class reading

  • Gabrys, Jennifer. “Re-Thingifying the Internet of Things.” In Sustainable Media: Critical Approaches to Media and Environment, eds. Nicole Starosielski and Janet Walker (New York and London: Routledge, 2016), 180-195.
  • Houde, S., Hill, C. (1997). What do Prototypes Prototype? [31]
  • Buchenau, M. Fulton Suri, J. (2000) Experience prototyping [32]
  • Gaver et al. (2003). Ambiguity as a Resource for Design.

Group Projects


Maintaining communication for long distance relationships. [33] Group Members: Teodora Muresan, Sintija Linuza, Eleanor Johnson, Kelly Copas, and Abidur Rahman

NFC Access

Ring with RFID tag which can open or unlock items. [34]


Cycling projection tool to improve ease of navigation whilst travelling; by also improving the visibility of cyclists on the road and safety whilst riding. [35] Group Members include: Arron Taylor-Peter, Azaz Afzal, Cristiano Almeida, Hamse Hussein and Theng Chen.

OffTrack Training Wear

Football training technology that detects offsides using sensors in a bib. Group Members; Joe Cutlan, Tom Blundell, Sam Tuckett and Charlie Long. [36]