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uwedigitalmedia wiki is a central hub of information and discussion for everyone (staff and students) involved with the Digital Media BSc.

UWE 2017 Hong Kong STEM project

600px]UWE digital media at Hong Kong Design Institute As a UWE student, you will use UWE Blackboard and myUWE websites to find formal information about course materials (lecture notes, announcements, coursework assignment and exam grades, etc).

As a UWE Digital Media student, you can use uwedigitalmedia wiki to:

  • Find regularly updated links to interesting digital media things online
  • Read (and add to) a list of useful tools and resources for digital media
  • join the [Slack|] channel for info and discussion
  • See the images on Flickr
  • Read (and tweet) the feed for hashtag #UWEdigitalmedia
  • Ask questions in the uwedigitalmedia wiki discussion pages
  • Subscribe to the Digital Media iCal Calendar feed [webcal://]
  • Search site content from previous years – E.G. coursework guidance
  • Manage and arrange group coursework with group/private messaging
  • Talk to students in years above you about optional modules you may want to study next year

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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