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<?PHP Bootcamp>

Evening Classes: Monday evenings in Room 2Q25 18:45-21:45 With UWE Alumni and indie web developer Dave Martin

  • Tuesday 3th October
  • Tuesday 10th October
  • Tuesday 17th October

FREE to Digital Media students

With UWE Alumni entrepreneur and independent developer Dave Martin [1]

Please bring a laptop (if you have one) if you want to work on this outside UWE (no worries if not, you can use the machines in 2Q25)

Files are available here: [2]

Week One 3rd October - ‘Is there an echo in here?’:

From HTML to PHP. We show how easy it is to transform an HTML page into a PHP script.

  • Set up development environment on your laptop,
  • Add PHP tags to an HTML template to create Dynamic Pages,
  • Using PHP to keep our code DRY.

Week Two 10th Oct - while(!asleep()) sheep++;

We introduce some basic patterns needed for your assignments - Working with Data

  • Connect to a one table database,
  • Use PhpMyAdmin to run some MySQL,
  • Recreate a database table (using Select, Order by and Where SQL Statements and the PHP while loop).

Week Three 17th Oct - A SQL query goes into a bar, walks up to two tables and asks, "Can I join you?"

We address more concepts needed for upcoming assignments - Working with More Data

  • Perform CRUD operations on the database table from the Browser,
  • Performing Table Joins between two tables
  • Using your MySQL database as a source of data for D3.js data.


log into [3] using your UWE ID and view several video tutorials

  • Introducing PHP [4]
  • learn PHP with codeAcademy [5]
  • [6]
  • PHP tutorials on[7]
  • PHP tutorials on phptherightway [8]
  • PHP (and more) snippets on CSS-tricks [9]
  • PHP (and more) articles on Codular [10]
  • PHP videos on YouTube via phpacademy [11]

Books from UWE Library

  • Introducing PHP by David Powers (video)
  • Learning PHP and MySQL by Michele E Davis, and Jon Phillips
  • PHP & MySQL for dummies by Janet Valade

Try the online library search here; [12]