Richard Boudier Yacht Charter

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  • Natasha Ball
  • Alan Long
  • Ben Wreford
  • Connor Shearn
  • Ryan Avery
  • Tiago Martins
  • Craig Owen

18/11/2016 Natasha. Connor. Tiago. Alan. Ben.

Within this session, we started talking about the questions we would like to ask.

  1. Why Americans?/ are they interested in other audiences.
  2. What does he think his target audience is?
  3. What information does he want to include? (how much personal information would be like to share?)
  4. How would he preferred to be contacted by customers.
  5. Does he have any more pictures or details?
  6. Any additional pricing for his business.
  7. How did he get his idea?
  8. How well does he know the area?

We also looked into the three rivers which he mentioned and if there were any tours already within the area. Once we had a understanding of the experience customers had we then looked into other yacht charters sites and those companies pricing.

25/11/2016 Natasha. Connor. Tiago. Craig.

What does the client need? Visually describe the experience he's selling.

What do they need it to do? Sell the route and experience of using the yacht charter.

Who is it talking to?

  1. people between the ages of 30-60.
  2. couples without children.

What is the site saying and how?

  1. high end experience
  2. touring around Ireland rivers

28/11/2016 Natasha. Connor.


  1. Éire which means Ireland.
  2. Inis which means from the river.

we could look up more Irish words to go in front of yacht charter.

visual aspects on website.

  1. country site images.
  2. locks.
  3. video on the river Shannon.
  4. video in the background.

Functionality Using lots of pictures to draw customers in to the river Shannon. having a easy navigation to find information about costing, criteria.

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