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Client Project home Group Members: Dominykas, Sofia, James, James-Ray, Saara, Maria.

The Client

Our client is Sarah Kirkhman from Sizzles candles. Her candles are hand crafted with seasonally picked scents targeted to house-proud professionals, therefore her vision for the site is something sleek and elegant. She has listed Jo Malone as her inspiration and would prefer white, gold, grey and black as the main colour scheme.

It is important for her business to be able to sell products directly from the website as well as have good links to and from social media (facebook, instagram etc.). The website should be easy to use and be able to incorporate blogs/ news etc.

Client Meeting

On Thursday 1st of December we arranged a meeting with Sarah to discuss the project and to see first-hand how the candles are made (video here). We presented our ideas such as incorporating a shopping widget (e-commerce, shopify) on the website and using a tagging system for easy browsing and categorising candles. We also talked about the visual image and agreed that the page would be heavy on images.

Notes taken

  • Handful of scents for each season; 4 main categories. 20 scents in total.
  • Style: Simplistic, gender neutral, modern, slick and luxury. Not too girly.
  • Wax: soy blend
  • Branding ideas: Bring out the fact that it's hand crafted, materials etc. Good selling point!!
  • Wants search bar and easy navigation to find wanted scent.
  • Wants lifestyle shot of candle as main photo.
  • Came up with sizzles as it was her nickname, she's obsessed with candles and wanted to give it a go.
  • £12 candles as of now but wants it to be £15.
  • buys fragrance from candleshack; In the future wants to make her own unique scents.

Where Do We Go From Here

We are in the process of making draft pages and wireframes for the website as well as staying in contact with Sarah for any new ideas she or we might come up with.