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Group Members - Aimee Catrina Toni Azaan Harry

Sizzles Candle Research What is your vision for this business? Strengths Weaknesses – Competition with other candle manufacturers, people are money conscious Opportunities – Large market Product Info – Number of scents? Burn time? Ingredients? Weight? Price – Target Market - Mainly women aged 25+, as women buy more candles for themselves and as gifts for others. However, also men aged 30+ who are looking to buy a gift for someone they love Look and feel – Modern, sleek, website will have a good flow, neutral and grey colours, simplistic Purpose of website – To inform about the business and products, appeal to customers so that they buy the product Website Needs – Functioning online shop (purpose = to sell), to display all products with their information, include social media links and news/blogs E-commerce features Functionality – Navigation, Multiple pages, individual product pages, easy to get around Content needed – Product info and images, prices, social media links What she’s saying – selling good quality candles at a good price How said – By presenting her products in a professional and simplistic way

Questions to ask What is your vision for this business? Product Info – Number of scents? Burn time? Ingredients? Weight? Price? Does she have any design ideas? Colours? Fonts? Idea of target market? Shops? Type of people? What content on website? About, Contact Details, Images … What social media links does she want? Type of news/ blog articles? Will she ship internationally? Only UK? Pricing and type of delivery? Bulk or individual sales? Her unique selling point? Feel of site – luxury/upper class? Mobile friendly? Make changes directly via website or through social media? How often will the content change?