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Semester 2 - User Experience Project

Coursework Blackboard. Final Submission: 4 April 2019 2pm Blackboard

Assignment Overview

This project will require you to work in groups of two or three to bring together the knowledge and skills from the whole module in delivering a high fidelity prototype for an interactive system that addresses the following: Option 1: Create a more sustainable campus Option 2: Student 2 student (see Blackboard for full brief)

Groups Semester 2

UX 2019 Group 1 Amanda Appiah, Casey Davis, Sara Pandian

UX 2019 Group 2 Cern Bladen-Day, Rex Richardson, Victoria Harrison

UX 2019 Group 3 Annie Cooke, Finlay McBride

UX 2019 Group 4 Ilektra Liveri, Grainne O'Flaherty, Megan Robson