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Larry Phillips:

Jamie Greatorex:

Joshua Serpis:

Ryan Dawkes:

The user

The users are teachers, who teach primary school students aged 5 to 10 and those who are brand new to beekeeping or looking to adopt a hive.

The main purpose is to display education resources across multiple media's, with the focus on text and video for both children and teachers.

The main device the website will be displayed on will be a desktop due to where they will be viewing which will either be in a classroom or in a it room.

There, is also a need to create an easy design interface to navigate with few external links due to the nature of the project.


Information from embedded videos for younger age groups

Lesson plans, information on how to look after a hive, information on the danger of bees, how does a beehive work, what are the best educational books on bees, how bees are vital to the environment.

How to target content towards a specific subject, how honey is made, recent events where teachers can contribute there experiences.

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