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Team Name: The Saucy Servants of Sweden

Team: Michael Gigg - Rex Richardson - Marie-Anna Thoma - Edgar Priedneiks - Jack Godwin -


Strategy: 'Bee The Change' is mainly aimed at bee owners, young people and nature lovers. Furthermore this site educates the users about bees and how you can make a change by donating. The objectives of this site is to raise awareness for bee conservation and to raise money to change the current situation.

The functions include being able to contact the organisation through email or social media. The site allows users to donate or adopt a beehive. Also a blog that will keep up to date about the latest news will be used for this site.

The content includes the information on the project and the members of the organisation, events that have, are and will be taking place, news and recent updates about the organisation and further information on looking after bees and looking after the beehives.